Peter Rosenmayer

Peter Rosenmayer - An experienced expert in the world of sports -and race cars, regardless of the brand. A life full of excitement and enthusiasm took it course 65 years ago.Peter Rosenmayer lives the fascination that transferred from working with sports vehicles.

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Placement and Assessment

Peter Rosenmayer’s incredible wealth of experience in terms of engine and human relations transfers security in all aspects. He has an extensive and powerful network.
We find the right vehicle for you!
The special knowledge of Peter Rosenmayer in terms of technique, value stability and capital investment are a guarantor for investing your money properly. This gives comfort!

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Race Support and Mentoring

The influence of drivers and mentor has achieved calming pulses in the past. An important condition for this is not to already loose the car in the first curve!

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Consulting and Support at Restorations

You will profit from Peter Rosenmayer’s decades of experience with regard to overhauls and preparation of parts.
Peter Rosenmayer is happy to pass on this knowledge which you will be happy to invest in.

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Consulting and Training

It is not possible anymore to teach young trainees and talented amateurs special knowledge in the field of mechanical automotive engineering as part of the apprenticeship.
Peter Rosenmayer offers insights into the secrets of mechanics - mixture preparation - ignition and performance tuning for inquisitive and interested people.

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